Quarterland Professional Services Limited

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Quarterland Professional Services Ltd. provide a diverse range of services to clients throughout South West Scotland and beyond including :-

Project Engineering and Management Services

Quarterland Professional Services specialise in the provision of project engineering and management services to industrial, manufacturing, engineering and construction businesses in the South West of Scotland to design, supply, install and commission new plant and equipment or modifications to existing kit. Projects range in size from a few thousand to multi-million pound projects.

Construction Management and CDM Regulations

Quarterland Professional Services can provide advice and assistance to clients planning construction projects, including pre-construction planning, on-site construction management and guiding them through the requirements of the CDM Regulations. Quarterland Professional Services can take on the role of CDM Co-ordinator (or Principal Designer in the new 2015 regulations) if required.

Horticultural, Gardening, Landscape and Grounds Management

Quarterland Professional Services can provide a range of services to suit the clients requirements for horticultural services, gardening and grounds maintenance and management.

Photographic Services

Quarterland Professional Services can provide a range of photographic services including commercial and industrial photography to meet the clients requirements or licencing of stock photography for use on websites, editorial magazines, newspapers, and advertising materials. For stock photography please see our sister website www.garycook.co.uk

More details to follow as this website is developed. In the meantime please do not hestiate to email or phone if you wish to know more or think we can help.